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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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words are covered in water we belmont said is taking us -- the monsoon is taking us on a wild ride. there are intense columns of rain. >> it is not a good night. we are seeing rain like this from our camera. there is rain coming down in
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abc15 a live drive. take a look at this, this is a long interstate template? here is a combo platter, -- this is a long the interstate. >> here is a combo platter. >> we begin with our chief meteorologist. >> in the west valley, dark green area, you see it on the radar, it's for good year in buckeye, some of these areas have seen and intervene in a short amount of time. that leads to flooding. we have been getting reports of several road closures in buckeye. this area extends into a little bit farther into the phoenix and glendale area. right now, as we look at it,
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the is coming down hard along the loop 303. we have lightning strikes showing up, over 50 as of the last update. we are under a flash flood watch until 11 pm. that means more heavy rain is possible and that could lead to flooding. if you do not have to head out wait until tomorrow. this rain some areas. we have seen so much of it, particularly, in the west valley.>> we mentioned the fear of flooding. this is his neighborhood. the roads are flooded, it is making it really difficult to navigate through the water. >> the west valley, seeing some of the worst of it tonight. >> reporter: this time, the
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and the winds are blowing, out here in farm country there's no way or area for the water to go. the water cut into the side of the door. it then had to write on into the traffic. it fills these roads with the water. this area was filled, this building, his basement was filled. being on the roads tonight, in this area, one of the most dangerous places to be in the storm. you can hear the down towards, -- you can hear the downpours. rural roads narrow closer the buckeyes, it sneaks up to you. this truck turned sideways. this work greg -- this work truck is upright but the water is muscling its way through
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-- in town, the wind. another problem on the roads tonight, over at eye 10 and watson, a semi truck spilled over the westbound lane, nobody is hurt badly according to them but they took one person to the hospital they cannot confirm whether that crash is whether a related district weather related. it was coming down hard and there were sheets of rain. >> thank you. we have a lot of people without power, 700 customers are without power. most of them are in the west valley. here is all look.
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outages in buckeye. the good news, it will be fixed in the next 90 minutes. let's take you to kim tobin. >> reporter: we are out and we got called over to this fire call you can see right now, there is all this foam in this area, the home owner told us that lightning struck their paltry. you can see the since tree struck their paltry -- struck their palm tree. you can see the street here. they watered it and they got it under control until the fire department got here empathetic completely out. it -- until the fire department got there. they were able to put it out completely.
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get under way. we will get back in there to take a look in the valley. for now, we will send it back to you. >> earlier tonight, it was sweeping across the county. it was a small dust cloud. many of you telling us on social media you sell it coming. this is on interstate 10 near queen creek. >> are keeping an eye on things. they say that the weather is not affecting flights. we have much more weather coverage for you ahead. keep sending your videos. to take new details, at 10 pm. a three-year-old brother was murdered and his brother will be charged as an adult. we have the radio traffic.
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that this was a brother of the nine-year-old. >> at first, they thought it was just a nine-year-old sibling that was hurt and then later, they find the toddler. they knew relatively quickly, shane was the guy they were after. he made his way into court today. just hours from now, it will be official, you wi voting on legalizing pot come november. >> tomorrow they will give the go-ahead, the pro-pot group got enough signatures to get this on the ballot. >> reporter: a neighbor says that it is like a fast food place, people would go up to the window cop either drugs and leave.
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were thoughts. cars were being broken into.>> reporter: the house, court documents saying that they found marijuana divvied up into baggies. the teenager that left ear was later convicted. arizona voters will get their say whether they should legalize pot. will places like this be a problem? sam douglas thinks that drug houses will be an issue. but his numb -- neighbor thinks it cannot keep people from moving in next store. >> if it's legalize could be cut down? >> throughout the whole world. at least legalize it. >> no more headaches. >> reporter: he thinks the drive through drug window would be closed for business if
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buy marijuana instead. the guardian angels are back out today patrolling the latest area where the serial shooter struck. he is wanted for seven murders. a $50,000 award is out there to bring this killer to justice. there is a separate manhunt. the suspect in this case has been apprehended and wind flow. this went down flow -- winslow. this man acted in self-defense. >> it is sad, you know? all these lives are destroyed. somebody that needed help, could not get the help.>> once again, the man seen here, now
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winslow. it happened just a few minutes ago. here is the picture of the car he was believed to have been driving. a baby tortoise swiped from an enclosure in mesa. pictures were placed on their facebook page. they were able to get it returned to safety.>> this case was opened no lock on it. you see the guy come in and grab the tortoise, this little guy, and he takes off with him. >> this store has it all, snakes, frogs. it was this tiny tortoise that was targeted. at $300, they do not come cheap. >> i went to grab a locke and i got stuck with another
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the couple walk over to the case and admire the tortoise and then he grabs it and tax it away. this is not -- and then he puts it away. back in 2011, a guy was stuffing five snakes into his pocket. with this case, the owner posted the photos on the facebook and he was shocked with the responses. 60,000 people made comments they help me find the tortoise. they posted names, numbers, and other address. the tortoise was returned to safety. >> i think i'm going to call him justice. >> the owner hopes that they find him a nice and safe home and they plan to press charges. climbing chaos, still ahead, more on the guy that claimed trump tower.
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flood advisory is still under way. the rain is pouring down on the loop 303. coming up in just minutes, we will take you through your forecast tomorrow.
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back to our weather alert. check it out, wait for it, lightning over goodyear. south of university of phoenix stadium and we are tracking the dust. your full forecast just minutes away. is the big story that you cannot miss today. 200,000 watching you this that watching, a guy trying to scale the trump tower in new york city. this 20-year-old virginia man
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who wanted to discuss an important matter with donald trump. police had enough, they grabbed him and held him upside down before they could disconnect them from the ropes. >> when the time came. he is at a level where i am able to grab them safely and bring him in.>> the towers, it is where he runs his business is, lives, and campaign from. >> he wasn't even in town. cnn reporting that there has been more than one conversation with donald trump. check out the study, -- check out this tweet. he backs up his claim, we did find their article proving the
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we hear hillary clinton's comments. she says, is an alarming pattern. >> his casual cruelty to a gold star family. his casual seduction -- his casual suggestion that there should be nuclear weapons and other countries. >> she said that examples rate there is proof. she says that donald trump does not have the temperament to be president. this cycle needs to stopped. the fbi is on the hunt for this guy who hit two banks in our state. the first bank, it was in peoria in august and the latest was kingman last week. each crime, he flashes a gun and he gets away with some cash. happening now, we are pulling for of valley construction worker. the 29-year-old man was working on a project when he fell from
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at last check he was in critical condition. we will get updates. it is so dangerous for pregnant women and newborns. officials are giving us a rare look into their lab. is one of the first in the country to test the zika virus. they asked arizona to look for and test the samples. >> this is concerning. their inner -- there are negative incomes. >> reporter: the state does have emergency funding. life in buckeye, -- we are live in buckeye, it is filled to the brim with water, all that water, at one point, stretching into the middle of apache road, you can see it
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is a ton of mud. i'm learning that areas like this are keeping portions of buckeye road close. the water is working its way into the storm drains. we are getting some video and. we want to share this with you. the same fire, we talked about earlier, this is the video of it. the video shows lightning striking the palm tree. it caused some panic. you understand why once you look at the video. >> it shows how destructive it can be. >> hundreds of lightning strikes in the valley. let me show you what is left at this hour. we still have heavy rain in the west valley. we saw a flood warning, that is
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for places like goodyear in buckeye. much of these valley didn't see a lot but the west valley got hammered. along interstate 10, near jack rabbit trail, we are seeing one pocket of heavy rain lingering. we have a rain gauge in this area. it is picking up some of the heaviest rainfall totals. and inch and a half a rain. these totals have been updating every several minutes. i times. 91st avenue and glendale. they had an inch and three quarters a rain. phoenix international getting almost in nature rain. there was a pop-up shower near thomas. it happened quickly. it was wild in that area tonight. downtown phoenix got some rain.
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a lot of gusty winds, with the storms right now, over at the air force base, we have winds at 23 miles per hour. earlier we had winds up to 40 miles per hour. right now, we're and 83 degrees. it is breezy out of the west. farther to the north, 70 degrees over basket peace and conflict stuff, and 92 and kingman. from the valley, up to the west we are going to see spots hitting the triple digits. some of the east valley spots will be shy of that mark. we expect phoenix to hit 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. early morning lows, 70s and 80s.
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morning forecast. the threat is not completely over as we head into the next several hours week different we could see showers. we will see drier air working its way and. we have a slight chance for storms in the forecast. we could see some development and the higher terrain. we have to cover our bases for friday. overall, we have big drying trend into the weekend. we will be at 108 degrees saturday. we will be cleaning up our yard this weekend. we have a flight chance and some monsoon moisture -- we have a flight chance and some monsoon moisture. janet jackson, paul mccartney, headliners of the show. two days away and told the arizona cardinals open up.
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they are showing strange things that people take on their carry- on. they found a plastic handgun made from a 3-d printer and it was loaded with real budget -- bullets. after canceling hundreds of flights, tomorrow, delta expects everything to return to normal. toda flights. that is because the system that they use was still running slow. down to the lowest level ever. babies are being born each year, it was half what it was 100 years ago. it is down significantly from a year ago. teen pregnancies are down and
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but kids at older ages becomes a challenge with getting pregnant. big and rich, the opec -- bob, the state fair begins october 7. more headliners will be named. we are talking about the super bowl halftime show. adele may be saying hello the opportunity this every. the nfl is eyeing her for the performance. she is currently on her sold-out world tour that ends in phoenix next week. a voice that can to a -- a voice that can captivate millions. he was not feeling well and he
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sports brought to you by sanderson ford.>> we continue from the stadium. this friday night we get to watch the team for the first time under the lights. that is what bruce arians will be doing. he will be watching. he will not be the one calling the shothe it will fall on the offensive coordinator, harold goodwin. >> that is the fun and coaching for me. i will continue to help the guys grow.>> what are you doing on the sidelines? >> going for it, going for
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>> it is a great opportunity to help lake goodwin grow is a coach. good one is thrilled for the opportunity. >> -- it is a good opportunity to help good one, helping him grow as a coach. goodwin is thrilled for the opportunity. >> for him to do this for me is special. i do not want to disappoint him. >> sports. >> the cardinals pregame starts at 6:30 pm. we will have live coverage starting for you at 4 pm. an upcoming episode of, a football life. it will be aired october 28. they profiled bruce areas.
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there is a flood warning for another 15 minutes or so, the green area, you can see that things are starting to die down across the valley. there is still a lot of flooding on the streets over in goodyear and buckeye. here is the seven-day forecast
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, morgan freeman. cooking with steve martorano. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from young the giant. with cleto and the cletones. and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming.


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